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Best Hockey Romance Books- Mile High By Liz Tomforde

“Mile High” by Liz Tomforde is the first book in the “Windy City” series and is a captivating hockey romance novel. I loved this book very much. If you haven’t heard of this book before, now is the perfect opportunity to become familiar with it. Allow me to introduce it to you. If you’re a fan of contemporary hockey romance books, then this book needs to be on your bucket list! What got me hooked on this sports romance book and just gave me what I needed was the character growth, especially between the relationships of the Female MC and Male MC. At first, I didn’t know if this hockey romance novel would be worth the length, but I can confidently say that it most definitely is. Liz Tomforde detailed all aspects of the story, making “Mile High” a satisfying read for fans of sports romance books.

Summary of “Mile High” by Liz Tomforde

So the story begins when our main characters meet for the first time, which is on their first flight together. Our hero is a professional hockey player for the Chicago team. He has been playing hockey for more than 20 years and is passionate about it. He and his best friend, who is the captain of the team, make a dynamic duo. While his best friend plays the role of a contented husband, father, and family man, our protagonist is fully dedicated to his hockey career. Zander plays the playboy to the media, taking home a different girl every night type of man. But as it turns out, it is a prop. After having to perform the same show repeatedly, Zander is exhausted and no longer interested in continuing the act. Then enters our heroine, Stevie. Stevie, a confident and outspoken woman with curly hair and curves, fearlessly speaks her mind to anyone including Zander. Zander is the man who always seems to be struggling to leave Stevie’s sight because of forced proximity due to work and the effects of being in the sports world. With having to see Stevie so often, Zander is intrigued by Stevie and only wants to dig deeper into this beautiful woman that he can’t stop thinking about. Stevie is concerned about her job and wants to stay in Chicago to be close to her brother, who is a professional athlete. However, she also knows that the connection growing between her and Zander is strong and worth fighting for, despite any negative consequences. The important thing is whether will Zander fight for their relationship when it matters the most.

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Mile High was such a feeling of grandeur and awe, something that is truly epic! This story will always have my heart! This beautiful and endearing story delivered such a satisfying romance between Zander and Stevie. The diversity and complexity of these characters also add so much value to the story as well. Now a knight and shining armor hero like Zander isn’t what got me to this book, it honestly was the sports aspects of this. I haven’t read much sports romance if I am being honest, and I had heard this is one of the best ones that has ever been written. I can safely say that is completely true! This book is the ultimate choice for a sports romance read. What sometimes I miss in sports romances, is the actual sport itself! As a reader of Sports Romance Books, I always look for a genuine depiction of the sport. This book, without a doubt, stands among the Best Hockey Romance novels I have read. Liz Tomforde delivers this aspect exceptionally well. You truly see the honest struggles and circumstances of being a professional athlete, dealing with an agent, battling with contracts, and finding a team you just “click” with. Another great aspect of the story was the bromance between Zander and his best friend and seeing true friendship within Sports Romance narratives. On the other hand, when it comes to Stevie I noticed that she learns to accept herself and who she truly is with Zander playing a significant role in her transformation. However, we also witness her journey in setting healthy boundaries with her parents, particularly with her mother who belittles her career and life goals. I could relate to Stevie on a personal level, as I saw many of my struggles reflected in her story. Oh btw Stevie has a twin, and his story will be revealed in the second book “The Right Move”, which I am reading now and enjoying every minute of it!

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