Book Review of the Best Disney Books For Adults: Almost There a Twisted Tale

Almost There a Twisted Tale is written by amazing author Farrah Rochon. Click here to see more books written by her! 

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Princess Tiana

      Okay… Let’s time-travel a bit in the original film of Princess and the Frog. Picture this, we are with Tiana as she is bouncing along the graveyard with her little frog legs and arms clutching onto the talisman in aim to escape from being hunted down by the shadow man better known as Dr. Facilier. But when Dr. Facilier corners her down and gives her an offer, more so a request that leaves her no choice but to take she declines. However, we all know on the cover of the book it says there is a twist and let’s say that twist happens to be if….Tiana accepts the deal. Now what! In the great city of New Orleans, we see Tiana living her best life as an adult human. We see her visiting her friends who are safe and sound, running a very successful restaurant, and best of all she has her dad by her side to share all these great memories. Tiana couldn’t ask for anything more, her world was perfect. However, there is still one little thing that she just can’t get past. It’s an eerie enigmatic energy looming over the city. Nola is getting more peculiar as the days pass by with its newfound intense fog, contagious algae trailing among the infrastructure, and other strange occurrences. But is it all just some big coincidence, or is there magic behind it all?

Reading Almost There felt like being wrapped in a cozy blanket on a chilly winter night. This book had some great vibes and necessary lessons that all ages could truly benefit from. Tagging along with Tiana and her friends on the treacherous journey that they endured made you feel connected to these characters. Especially, seeing how Tiana was able to make some really tough decisions and watching the conflict within herself felt so real and relatable. In life, we are constantly having to face adversity in some way and Tiana reminds us that even if you choose wrong or even if you are at ground zero, the only way is up from here.

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