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Tell Me Lies: A Novel by [Carola Lovering]







See You Yesterday by [Rachel Lynn Solomon]






Honey and Spice: A Reese's Book Club Pick by [Bolu Babalola]






Tell Me Lies By Carola Lovering 

Tell Me Lies is a college mystery romance novel that will keep you on your toes. With this book it had me intrigued, frustrated, and even empathetic toward some of the characters in the story. Lucy is the main female protagonist who discovers an interest in the male protagonist Stephen. Lucy is just beginning college and is in the process of discovering her friends, her passion, and her personality. Stephen is in his second year and already has made an identity for himself. This book delves into their college relationship up until the reunion of their college friend’s wedding. This book does have themes of backstabbing toxic relationships but the author Carola Lovering writes in a way that is most authentic and realistic to many relationships that have been seen before. Not only is this a theme but a secret is revealed. Check this book out to see what that may be!

See you yesterday by Rachel Lynn Solomon

This is not your typical college romance that you may have read in this genre. There is a bit of magic happening and it is not just the spark between the characters. It is the first day of college for Barrett, and her day is absolutely the worst. Everything under the sun happens and she just wants it to be over. What makes it even worse is her ex-best friend is her roommate and locks her out of the room. Barrett finds a place to rest but once she wakes up she realizes the day has repeated itself over and over again. Miles who also attends the university thinks he is going insane because he is dealing with the same experience. But with being the only people who actually remember one another they share a bond. There’s a lot more that goes into this story and a crazy reveal to this never-ending journey.

Honey and Spice by Bolu Babalola

Kiki a cold-hearted chick that attends school in London has a primary focus to get this internship that she’s been chasing for that is located in New York. However, the professor states that she needs to pair up with another student who happens to be Malakai a transfer who has talent of his own. These two pair up to do a film project that revolves around themes of dating. But with this project, they need some credibility and all for being the producers, which results in fake dating. As they are in this new phony dating relationship and unknowingly discovering feelings towards each other things get real so naturally. This book reveals honest conversations about love, expressing feelings, and bravery when it comes to vulnerability.

Icebreaker by Hannah Grace 

Figure skater Anastasia is all about the rink she is a prodigy when it comes to skating and competition. Her drive has seeped into her personality and when things don’t usually go the way as planned it’s not easy for her to step down. At her university, there are two distinct rinks one for the figure skaters and one for the hockey team, but one has been shut down. Now the hockey team has to share with the figure skaters and they have to see one another every single practice day. Nathan who is a hockey jock and captain of the hockey team is someone that Anastasia cannot stand. But as they are in proximity they soon develop a proper understanding between one another. One day, Anastasia’s figure skating partner is injured and she desperately needs someone to fill in, and Nathan decides to give it a shot. We’ll see how this goes…. 

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