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Intense romance books are a great way to escape into a world of passion, desire, and heartbreak. These books are filled with complex characters, steamy scenes, and emotional rollercoasters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re looking for a thrilling read that will leave you breathless, then intense romance books are the perfect choice!

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Long Shot By Kennedy Ryan

Long shot by kennedy ryan is an amazing sports romance

Romance Books to Read Right Now- Long Shot By Kennedy Ryan

Long Shot is an intense romance book that’s a gut-wrenching, heart-breaking, tear-jerking masterpiece. Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan is a brilliant stand-alone sports romance with a forbidden love trope. This intense romance book is one of the best romance novels for adults. The stars of this story, Iris, August, Lotus, Mimi, and Sarai, brought loyalty, love, support, strength, and life to these pages. But this is Iris’ story without any doubt, her character is at the heart of this narrative. Her survival skills, determination, resilience, and deep affection towards August had me turning page after page. I truly recommend reading this intense romance book but be aware, that it does contain topics of domestic/sexual abuse.

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Out on a Limb by Hannah Bonam-Young

“Out on a Limb” will tug on your heartstrings. This Intense Romance Book is based on an accidental pregnancy between a guy and a girl who meet at a party. Not only having to navigate a sudden pregnancy, these two also deal with physical challenges. Following the story of Win and Bo and seeing how they create a life together throughout the narrative, you gain a sense of joy, romantic feelings, and a valuable perspective. The awesome humor, the incredible banter, and the sizzling chemistry make this a delightfully cute and intense romance book.

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Love and Other Words By Christina Lauren

love and other words is intese romance book to check out right now Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren is a friends-to-lovers story about Macy and Elliot who share a passion for reading. These two begin their friendship back in childhood with their adorable little games, inside jokes, and bond for books. As they grow through high school they remain friends up until a moment that changes their relationship for the long run. This crazy unforgivable thing severs the relationship between Macy and Elliot, until an unexpected return to one another years later. Christina and Lauren’s writing makes this book an incredible journey for the readers with the continuation of the book referring to the past and present, the unexpected plot, and the intense romance that just drives throughout the pages.

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Archer’s Voice By Mia Sheridan


This intense romance tale begins with Bree, who recently moved because of a life-changing, earth-shattering event. She chooses to go to this small town to clear her head and be alone for a while. She moves into her new rental alone with her dog and begins a new job at a diner. At this job, she is constantly running into a man who is very mysterious and has a demeanor that she just can’t shake. He has a ragged look to him but kind eyes. Bree decides to initiate a conversation with him, but he refuses to speak. Being in a small town, word gets around quickly; she asks some of the locals what his deal is and finds out his name, which is Archer, and rumor says that he is mute due to a horrific event. However, Bree is persistent in her pursuit of finding out more about Archer, and maybe she is the woman to help him find his voice. This intense romance book is beautifully written with incredible twists and turns that will keep your emotions high. I could not stop crying with this amazing read.

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A Thousand Boy Kisses By Tillie Cole

A love story that begins young between two friends Rune who is from Norway and Poppy who is from Georgia. Rune and his family, fly down from Norway to Georgia because of his father’s job. Being at a new school it can be difficult to make friends but suddenly finds himself with a bestie that will last forever, as far as they know. Until Rune is having to quickly move back to Norway at the start of high school. Having to break their inseparable bond is devastating for the young love birds and having to maintain a long-distance relationship at such a young age becomes quite the obstacle. As they are communicating pretty regularly, one day Poppy decides to go completely ghost on Rune. This relationship then becomes dead until they suddenly meet again towards senior year. Rune who is still heartbroken from the past will then discover the truth as to why Poppy went silent and then find a deeper heartache to bear.

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