The Best Black Love Books That Will Have You Falling in Love

Black love is a beautiful thing, and it deserves to be celebrated. In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of black romance books, which feature black protagonists and explore the complexities of black love. These books are not only entertaining but also provide a much-needed representation of black love in literature. In this blog post, we will explore some of the best black romance books that celebrate black love and the black experience. Whether you’re looking for a steamy romance or a heartwarming love story, there’s something for everyone on this list. So, grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and let’s dive into the world of black romance books

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Reggie and Delilah’s Year of Falling By Elsie Bryant

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This black love romance is one that will keep my butterflies going! Delilah is such a chill individual, that has a go-with-the-flow mentality and is never really confrontational. She’s the type of girl who has multiple friend groups because she gets along with everyone, if her friends ask her to do a favor she’ll do it with no excuse and nothing really gets under her skin. Reggie on the other hand, is a D&D Dungeon geek Master who spends his time leading quests, writing blog posts on the game, and more! These two have absolutely nothing in common but happen to stumble in each other’s path on a consistent basis. As they are getting to know each other Delilah notices Reggie in their interactions and she really admires his character and wishes she were more like him. Reggie exhibits a man of confidence, someone who is true to himself, and open about his interest. But internally it is a front, Reggie is just pretending to be a confident man that Delilah will like. And that is where the falling begins…But what happens if they fall for the wrong version of themselves? Will they continue this ongoing relationship, or will it crash and burn?

Black Love, Best Romance Books Excuse Me While I Ugly Cry By Joya Goffney

Most of the world has at least one journal in their possession. Some of us use journals as a daily diary, to write lists, quick thoughts, or whatever. But Quinn keeps everything in her beloved journal she keeps lists of EVERYTHING—from the days she’s ugly cried, to “Things That I Would Never Admit Out Loud,” to all the boys she’d like to kiss. EVERYTHING I mean everything. Her lists keep her sane. Her journal helps her alleviate some of the pressure around her thoughts, secrets, and fears so that she won’t have to confront these feelings. Especially, the fact that she was rejected by Columbia University and has been lying about it so she can preserve her reputation. Being one of the few only black students at PWI is extremely hard and she chooses to keep this lie to save from embarrassment. Carter, a Black classmate, who happens to be her crush mistakenly takes the journal and Quinn crumbles at the thought. However, Carter loses the journal and now they are on a quest to retrieve it before the new owner is left to reveal all her secrets. This compelling journey takes Quinn in the direction of learning self-confidence, embracing love, and learning to live in the moment with Carter.

Black Love, Romance Book, Best Romance Book Highly Suspicious Unfairly Cute By Talia Hibbert

Bradley and Celine used to be close friends until Brad decided that he was too cool for Celine and her conspiracy theories. Since he’s a football star, does great in school, and is able to manage his OCD well enough Celine thinks he doesn’t need to be friends with her anymore. In present days between them, it’s more so petty insults and academic rivalries to the point of them both signing up for a survival course that takes place in the woods. Now with being in survival mode, they are forced to work together as a team for the chance to win a grand prize. As they trudge through dirt and a messy past this adventure brings them closer to the point of igniting a spark that reveals itself.


Black Love, Romance Books Game On By Serresia Glass

Samara Reynolds, a popular gamer known by an anonymous online persona, is also an advocate for equal representation in video games through her role as a DEIA consultant. Her critique video of the popular game Legendsfall sparked a massive response from female gamers, leading to widespread criticism of Artemis Games. Surprisingly, this led to a job offer from Artemis’ CEO. Aron Galanis, striving to have his company certified for creating accessible gaming content, saw the negative online trend about Artemis and decided to make amends. He apologized to Samara and offered her a job to revamp the character options in Legends Fall. Their professional collaboration transformed their relationship from foes to allies, and then to friends, eventually blossoming into something more. However, when their relationship becomes public, they must face the challenges that come with it. Will they be able to withstand the pressure and fight for their happy ending, or will it be the end of their game? When a new player enters her life, Samara is challenged to evaluate if their relationship is worth advancing to the next level. This compelling narrative comes from the author of The Love Con. This spectacular romance should debut on December 12, 2023

Black Love Book A Love Song for Ricki Wilde By Tia Williams 

Leap years carry a peculiar charm, and for some, a single February can be transformative.

Ricki Wilde is endowed with numerous talents, but fitting into the Wilde lineage isn’t one of them. As the spontaneous, creative offspring of a powerful Atlanta family, she contrasts starkly with her renowned socialite siblings. While they resemble elegant roses, she’s more of a dandelion: a delightful blossom that’s technically a weed, free to drift wherever the wind carries her. Deep within, Ricki senses that a more thrilling life is waiting for her somewhere. Upon receiving an invitation from the dignified nonagenarian Ms. Della to rent the lower level of her Harlem brownstone, Ricki seizes the opportunity for a new start. She abandons her affluent family and disorderly love life to fulfill her dream of running a flower shop. Underneath the facade of her new neighborhood, the rhythm, tales, and enthralling drama of the Harlem Renaissance persist. One February evening, as the intoxicating and unusually out-of-season aroma of night-blooming jasmine pervades the air, Ricki encounters an attractive, enigmatic stranger who unexpectedly disrupts her world. This heart-stirring romance between two fervent artists drawn to the enchantment, love, and opportunities of New York, and whose destinies are profoundly and permanently intertwined. This amazing novel will be released on February 6, 2024

Black Love Book, Romance Love Book The Partner Plot By Kristina Forrest

Violet Greene, a successful celebrity stylist, sees fashion as her world. She travels globally, living her dream, and though her career is flourishing, her personal life is a mess. Six months ago, she publicly broke up with her ex-fiancé and has since been focusing on her career. However, an unexpected encounter might disrupt her plans. Unexpectedly, during a birthday trip to Vegas, Xavier Wright, a high school teacher and basketball coach, bumps into Violet, his high school girlfriend whom he once thought he’d marry. Xavier, who seldom leaves his hometown in New Jersey, is shocked by the coincidence. After overcoming the initial surprise, they decide to join in the celebrations together. The party carries on into the night, leading them to wake up the next morning married to each other. This impromptu marriage could be a silver lining, as they realize their careers could benefit from being a couple. Thus, they decide to play the role of a happily married couple. But as their passion resurfaces, they realize their feelings are as genuine as they were in their teenage years. The question remains, are their lives too divergent to make it work, or will they finally achieve their happily ever after?

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